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Welcome to Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse

Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse is an Idle/ RPG Collectible Card Game with the main focus orients around the players building their team from unique characters.
The core gameplay revolves around the players enjoy the game while chilling, as Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse technically plays by itself and earn grand profits without much inputs from the players.
Combined with NFT/ blockchain technology, the core concept is taken a step further by providing the players with real profits the more they invest into this game.
  • Category: NFT (Non-fungible token), P2E
  • Platform: Android, iOS, WebGL, PC
  • Launch Date (ETA): Q1 - 2022
Inspired by a strange conception of mixing stone-aged theme with modernized details, Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse aims to bring a unique and refreshing experience onto the gaming market loaded with ordinary titles.
By building their dream team and participating in various in-game activities, the players can seriously indulge themselves in the marvelous game world with top-notched graphic quality, as well as a serious ROI as they play Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse.
To name a few in-game activities that would net the players real profits:
  • Idle and Campaign Modes which yield a stable income of Metal Shard - the main in-game currency
  • Competing in Leaderboards and Arena which grant unique resources, especially is ANTA ($ANTA), the governance token of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse.
  • Collecting, growing and trading the Characters/ equipment as NFTs on the Market
  • Gacha system which yields unexpected results