Token Allocation

The vesting plan is shown in the below table:
For Public Allocation part, when 20% of tokens are issued at TGE, 80% of the remaining tokens are locked according to the smart contract, so when we raise capital in the IDO round, we can only bring 20% of the amount of tokens are issued as mentioned for sale on Launchpad.
  • The remaining 80% of Public Allocation tokens locked by smart contract and vested every month for 6 months will be burned every month when tokens are vested.
  • Public Allocation's vesting token wallet is: 0xb428da589fe7AEb6EFA41BCD2Af91f59bbf7aB61
  • We will announce the token burn when the vesting schedule is coming each month and will update the results to the community and right here in this whitepaper.