The core gameplay of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse focuses on getting unique and powerful Characters from various sources (Gacha, NFT Markets...) and forming suitable teams to tackle any challenge that the game can provide.
The team deployment of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse can be experienced mostly via the 2 main Game Modes: Campaign Mode and Idle Mode.
Campaign Mode
Enjoy the vast and vibrant world of ancient time in Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse, as the players tackle numerous challenges on the path of their conquests.
In this Game Mode; the combination of Heroes, their positioning, as well as the timing to utilize their unique abilities are critical to determining the outcome of battles.
To experience the Campaign Mode effectively, the players need to invest both in time and money to form their strongest teams, as well as a meticulous mind to turn the tide of battles into their favor in return for valuable assets that can't be earned anywhere else.
Idle Mode
As the opposite polar of Campaign Mode, Idle Mode is tailored toward the players with lesser investment into Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse.
Technically, in Idle Mode of Tribalpunk: Cryptoverse, the game is played by itself as it simples pilot the players' designated team into an endless adventure, where they automatically fight monsters on the way and collect resources, passively generating Metal Shard, the in-game currency mostly used for upgrading your NFT Companion.
The real center of focus in the Idle Mode is the Idle Chest feature. The longer they players stay in Idle Mode, the greater rewards accumulated within the Chest.
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